Forge ahead.

Smithy doesn't just hammer out nix builds, Smithy makes your team faster with intelligent CI, reproducible builds, and fast binary distribution.

Enter the URL of a public git repo and smithy will start building it right away.

Trusted by

  • Obelisk: The Haskell App Framework
  • reflex-frp: Higher Order FRP for Haskell
  • LodeWallet: The Functional Cardano Wallet

Advanced Nix CI made simple.

Smithy is a continuous integration and binary cache service that understands the structure of your Nix project, integrates with all your favorite git services, and builds for multiple target platforms.

Realize the benefits of Nix

Smithy takes the effort out of using Nix at scale, and immediately provides the benefits of parallelized builds and lightning-fast binary caching to your entire team.

  • Auto-Provisioned Binary Cache

    Let Smithy do the heavy lifting and easily share its build products with your team.

  • More platforms with fewer problems

    Smithy supports multiple architectures out of the box, including Linux, macOS, x86, ARM, and more.

  • We Speak Git

    Smithy supports multiple git providers, including GitHub, GitLab, and self-hosted Gitea, with support for more services on the way.

Try it out today

Enter the URL of a public git repository that uses nix and watch smithy build it in real-time.